Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The takers get the honey (Robin Trower) #406

Robin Trower Too Rolling Stoned/ Too Rolling Stoned (Part 2)  (Chrysalis, K-6431, 1976)

I can not sit still while listening to this. It's impossible. I go into full on rock star pose, throwing guitar shapes and howling along like a man possessed.

Can't help it, the boy can't help it.

Robin Trower is a guitar rock god, okay! Forget the Hendrix comparisons - Robin plays guitar in his own inimitable style and this track from his 1975 live album is the real deal.

Weirdly the song is split into two parts like Eric Clapton's Layla single and Fleetwood Mac's Oh Well. Part two appears on the B side but this is all about the rock and roll shenanigans of the A side.

Hidden gem: The B side doesn't cut it as its own entity; the whole song needs to be heard complete. 

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