Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The cat in satin trousers said it's oily (Wings) #266 - 270

Wings Maybe I'm Amazed/ Soily (Parlophone, NZP 3554, 1976)

Linda McCartney Alias Suzy and The Red Stripes Seaside Woman/ B Side To Seaside (A&M, K 8003, 1977)

Wings Mull Of Kintyre/ Girls School (Capitol, CP 610, 1977)

Wings With A Little Luck/ Backward Traveller/ Cuff Link (EMI/Parlophone, NZP 3564, 1978)

Wings London Town/ I'm Carrying (EMI, R 6021, 1978)

A mixed bag this time around as quality control is again an issue. Without Lennon, a genius that was at least an equal to Macca, some dodgy stuff got through along with the great stuff.

Maybe I'm Amazed is a live version from 1976. It's a stand out on the McCartney album and a good rock song in a live set. Not sure if it's a single though.

The Linda song is a vanity project. It's easy to say snide things about her vocal ability and while she is embarrassing on cue here, she did provide some wonderful harmonies in a Wings context.

Mull Of Kintyre was huge, of course, and as a jolly singalong it's hard to fault but it hasn't aged particularly well.

The other two A sides begin the quality slide in earnest. McCartney can sound twee at times - I give you With A Little Luck as exhibit A.

Hidden gems: Soily is a great encore rave up song. Starts out with genuine excitement and doesn't let up. Still sounds punky to my ears. 

Throw a blanket over the other B sides.

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