Saturday, August 23, 2014

Help me darling! What does it mean? (Paul McCartney) #280 - 283

Michael Jackson/Paul McCartney The Girl Is MineMichael Jackson Can't Get Outta The Rain (Epic, ES 791, 1982)

Paul McCartney/Michael Jackson Say Say SayPaul McCartney/Michael Jackson Say Say Say (Instrumental); Paul McCartney Ode To A Koala Bear (Parlophone 12", GOOD 19, 1983)

Paul McCartney Press; It's Not True/ Hanglide; Press (Parlophone 12", GOOD 127, 1986)

Paul McCartney Once Upon A Long Ago; Back On My Feet/ Midnight Special; Don't Get Around Much Anymore (Parlophone 12", 12R 6170, 1987)

The eighties were not his finest years. It wasn't until 1989 that he made the decent Flowers In The Dirt. Between that and 1982's Tug Of War it was all dirt.

I have no idea what he was thinking by linking up with Michael Jackson on such pap as The Girl Is Mine and Say Say Say. He didn't need the exposure - he's Paul McCartney of the bloody Beatles. He didn't need the money. He did need a quality controller and MJ is not one of them.

So we got the embarrassing video of Say Say Say and all this sub par music instead!

Press is also dire (from the lacklustre Press To Play album). For a master of melody he suddenly came up short; this one is smothered in eighties drums. Ick!!

The 1987 12" EP is an offshoot of the covers collection known as the Russian Album. The A side pair didn't make the cut for the album and are of rarity value. I wish I could report that they are awesome nuggets from the vaults but I can't. Pleasant is about the best I can say for Once Upon A Long Ago. I include the video only because that's become a routine for these posts - not because it's a stellar piece of work.

Hidden gems: Again I wish I could report that Ode To A Koala Bear was worth searching out. It only appeared as a B side and there are many reasons why. But all you need to know is in the title really. 

The MJ B side is also discolite rubbish btw.

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