Thursday, August 7, 2014

Such a human being, so divine (Paul McCartney) #260 - 265

Mike McGear Leave It/ Sweet Baby (Warner Brothers, K 16446, 1974)

Paul McCartney and Wings Junior Farm (sic)/ Sally G (Apple, NZP 3487, 1974)

The Country Hams Walking In The Park With EloiseBridge On The River Suite (EMI, EMI 2220, 1974)

Wings Listen To What The Man SaidLove In Song (Capitol, NZP 3511, 1975)

Wings Letting Go/ You Gave Me The Answer (Capitol, NZP 3521, 1975)

Wings Magneto And Titanium Man/ Rock Show (Capitol, NZP 3524, 1975)

In the mid seventies Paul and Linda started flexing their collective muscles a little bit to share the golden touch with the rest of the McCartney family.

First up is an A side by Paul's kid brother Michael, recording as Mike McGear. Paul and Linda and other Wings members appear to great effect on the song (and the parent album McGear).

It's a damn good song (it charted at the time) and Mike is not overshadowed by his more famous brother. His vocals over the top of Wings' musicianship is a winning combination.

Next up with the family connection is Paul, Linda et al as The Country Hams doing an old song, an instrumental, of his dad's (Jim McCartney). It's a pleasant enough vanity project.

The other A sides come from Macca's band Wings and they are a catchy bunch. I love the bounciness of Listen To What The Man Said and the bravado of Magneto. Letting Go has a wonderful heavy vibe and Junior's Farm (another casualty of NZ sloppy labeling) is a beefy rock track.

Did I say 'catchy'? Not 'alf! Macca can't half spin a toon.

Hidden gems: Sweet Baby by McGear is a gem and it didn't make the album cut (until the bonus track reissue that is) but the most wonderful throwaway B side is Sally G. It's an country shaggy dog story as only our Paulie can do. There was a time when these songs appeared effortless. Now he struggles to come up with a memorable melody. No? Don't agree? Can you sing anything off New for me? Thought not.

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