Tuesday, August 19, 2014

People who jump waterfalls sometimes can make mistakes (Paul McCartney) #275 - 279

Paul McCartney Coming UpPaul McCartney and Wings Coming Up (Live); Lunch Box/ Odd Sox (Parlophone, NZP 3577, 1980)

Paul McCartney Waterfalls/ Check My Machine (Parlophone, NZP 3579, 1980)

Paul McCartney Ebony And IvoryRainclouds; Ebony And Ivory (Solo version) (Parlophone 12", MPL 1, 1982)

Paul McCartney Take It Away/ I'll Give You A Ring (Parlophone, NZP 3584, 1982)

Paul McCartney Take It AwayI'll Give You A Ring; Dress Me Up As A Robber (Parlophone 12", MPL 2, 1982)

By 1980 Wings were history. The Japanese tour and McCartney II saw to that. One of my least favourite Macca periods of all. Coming Up is a shocker and no attempts at revisionism can disguise that. It proves that he's human amid all the new fangled technology.

Having said that, I do like Waterfalls. An old school ballad. The lyrics are tosh (a castle needs a tower? Oh please!) but it doesn't matter in this context. The melody is a great one and papers over the cracks.

There was a minor Macca renaissance in 1982 (following John's 1980 murder) when the Tug Of War album contained some top material like Take It Away, starring Ringo AND George Martin. Even so we still had to put up with facile dreek like Ebony and Ivory!  

Hidden gems: Zilch (the dearth of interesting B sides reinforces my contention that this was a dire period on the whole).

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