Saturday, August 2, 2014

I can't tell you how I feel (Paul McCartney) #255 - 259

McCartney's Wings My Love/ The Mess (Apple, NZP 3453, 1973)

Paul McCartney and Wings Live And Let Die/ I Lie Around (Apple, NZP 3456, 1973)

Paul McCartney and Wings Helen WheelsCountry Dreamer (Apple, NZP 3462, 1973)

Paul McCartney and Wings JetBluebird (Apple, NZP 3466, 1973)

Paul McCartney and Wings Jet/ Let Me Roll It (Apple, NZP 3469, 1973)

Paul and Linda were busy during 1972 - 1973 - singles came from Red Rose Speedway, Band On The Run and a James Bond film. A huge output by today's standards.

Definite quality on display here too. My Love is a great ballad, a great love song in that it's not a sappy sentimental thing but a sincere heart-felt love song to Linda, Live And Let Die is a great Bond theme - all silly bombast and Jet/ Helen Wheels are great rockers. Macca is the complete package over these four A sides. He can do it all.

What great years in the Macca ouevre!

Here's My Love from the funky James Paul McCartney TV special - which I loved when it came on TVNZ. I recorded it on my trusty cassette player at the time, now we have the great youtube to access it all.

Hidden gems: Oh my my - there are definite gems on the B sides. The Mess has only ever been a B side (and then a bonus track to the album Red Rose Speedway). It's a live version of the song that was originally intended for the album when it was going to be a double. I for one am sad it was never an expanded album that was released. I love RRS and having more of it would have been gear fab.

I Lie Around and Country Dreamer were also intended for the double version of RRS and they are both terrific songs. Denny Laine provides a great relaxed vocal on I Lie Around.

Bluebird and Let Me Roll It are from Band On The Run. LMRI is a great Lennonesque rocker. Not sure why New Zealand decided to have two different B sides to Jet, but there you go, they did!

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