Monday, June 26, 2017

Blues Power (Derek and The Dominos) (LP 120)

Derek and The Dominos In Concert (Vinyl - RSO, 1973) ****

Genre: Blues

Places I remember: Real Groovy (Auckland)

Fab, and all the other pimply hyperboles: Roll It Over

Gear costume: Tell The Truth

Active compensatory factors: Recorded at the Fillmore East, In Concert is the only other surviving record from the Derek and Layla period (apart from Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs, of course).

Interestingly, only three songs in the nine song set actually come from Layla: Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad; Have You Ever Loved A Woman; Tell The Truth. And Layla itself is conspicuous by it's absence.

For me, this is one of Clapton's peak periods and he's had a few hasn't he.  With the combination of Bobby Whitlock's organ, Jim Gordon's flamboyant drumming, Carl Radle's bass anchor, and Eric in great firey form, this foursome is tight!!

Where do they all belong? Eric would shed the pretense of being someone other than who he was and release 461 Ocean Boulevard next - which I've already blogged about. So, I think it'll be some back tracking with Cream next, if that's okay.

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