Wednesday, June 21, 2017

We can swing together (Lindisfarne) (LP 117 - 119)

Lindisfarne Nicely Out Of Tune (Vinyl - Philips, 1970) **** 
Lindisfarne Fog On The Tyne (CD - Charisma, 1971) *****
Lindisfarne Dingly Dell (Vinyl - Charisma, 1972) *** 

Genre: Folk

Places I remember: The vinyl is from Real Groovy (Auckland) and the CD from HMV (Stratford Mall, London)

Fab, and all the other pimply hyperboles: Lady Eleanor, Meet Me On The Corner.

Gear costume: It may be a little glib to say but everything else on the first two albums is pretty gear. There are some amazing songs on Nicely Out Of Tune and Fog On The Tyne. Dingly Dell has some great moments but it's without a killer track. 

Active compensatory factors: I'm a late comer to Lindisfarne albums, although I did buy Dingly Dell way back in 1972 (I sold it along the long and winding road, so this is a 'new' copy). Instead, over the years, I have used a great compilation as my Lindisfarne go to item.

The albums are something of a revelation to someone like me who just has all the hits on the best of CD. One great song after another from the principle song writers Alan Hull and Rod Clements.

Like a lot of classic musical combos, having the different vocalists, subtle stylistic changes associated with having different, strong song writers, and the multi tasking musicianship makes for a great great sound and, more important - album!

Where do they all belong? Kind of like Wishbone Ash and Black Sabbath, the first three or four albums of their career were never bettered. Next up for Lindisfarne was a couple of crap albums before Back And Fourth, which is coming up, eventually. Interesting that all of these other bands also abandoned fancy album titles and went for Wishbone Ash 4; Black Sabbath Vol. 4. Just sayin'.

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