Saturday, June 17, 2017

Blessing in disguise (Michael Murphey) (LP 116)

Michael Murphey Cosmic Cowboy Souvenir (Vinyl - EMI, 1973) ***

Genre: Country

Places I remember: Slow Boat Records (Wellington)

Fab, and all the other pimply hyperboles: Blessing in Disguise

Gear costume: Rolling Hills

Active compensatory factors: Roger Marbeck once gave me a tape of Blue Sky - Night Thunder by Michael Murphey. It contained the hit song Wildfire, which I was immediately drawn to, but it turned out I loved the whole album. Murphey's voice is an authentic one.

Sadly the tape was munched many years ago and I've been searching for a replacement copy ever since*.

I did find this earlier album last year in Slow Boat Records. It's no where near as good as Blue Sky - Night Thunder but it's still a worthwhile record in its own right.

Straying into the poppier end of country from time to time, there is still plenty of  pedal steel and mandolin from Herb Steiner to keep it real.

Extra kudos: it's produced by the great Bob Johnston.

Where do they all belong? Still, the search goes on for Blue Sky...*

* Since writing this post I found a copy! Vinyl too! And it's as great as I remember it. It will be the next cab off the rank in this genre.

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