Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Rock is my life (BTO) (LP 61)

Bachman Turner Overdrive Not Fragile (Vinyl - Mercury, 1974) ****

Genre: Canadian pop/rock

Places I remember: Slow Boat Records

Fab, and all the other pimply hyperboles: Roll On Down the Highway gets me up and air guitaring every time. Every time!

Gear costume: Phew - so many great tracks - the always terrific You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet, but Not Fragile, and Freewheelin' are also on side one!!

Active compensatory factors: These guys ruled in the seventies at my school (and every school!). Their hits sound tracked our lives.

I distinctly remember travelling to football games with these songs playing on the radio. Turn it up!! time.

Randy Bachman came to BTO via The (wonderful) Guess Who. He left after the American Woman album and lit out for other Canadian pastures with his brothers and friends that eventually led to BTO.

Where do they all belong? You need to go back to Guess Who - you really do.

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