Sunday, November 6, 2016

Love of the loved (The Beatles) (LP 62)

The Beatles Birth of a Legend (Vinyl - Music World, 1983) *

Genre: Beatle pop

Places I remember: Marbecks Records.

Fab, and all the other pimply hyperboles: Money.

Gear costume: Three Cool Cats.

Active compensatory factors: The Beatles have a unique place in our hearts, culture and consciousness. Not too many bands/artists have their audition tapes out there on vinyl like this.

Yes, audition tapes. This album collects 12 of the 15 songs from the ultimately failed Decca audition (the other three, the only three Lennon/McCartney songs: Love of the Loved, Like Dreamers Do, Hello Little Girl appeared on singles elsewhere on this blog).

Bottom line - listening to this in total, I can understand why Decca didn't sign them and how only George Martin's punt saved the band.

Yes, the cover is atrocious - a painted version of the Ringoless Beatles (Pete Best was the drummer before Ringo) blesses this budget record. And yes, this is one for collectors/ obsessives, hence the one star rating, but call me crazy - I really like it!

Especially the 'comedy' numbers like, cha cha boom, Besame Mucho.

Interestingly, George is heavily represented as a vocalist and has some of the best moments here (Three Cool Cats, Crying Waiting Hoping, The Sheik of Araby, Take Good Care of My Baby).

Paul has the cheesiest moments (September in the Rain, Besame Mucho, Sure to Fall, Till There Was You -I've never liked this one).

John only has a few rockers that hint at his greatness (Memphis, Money).

Therein lies the essential 'problem' here - no clear dominant vocalist for a producer to focus on. And the variety of styles on display is confusing.

Beatle fun and harmonies are hinted at in these songs, but really, you would have to have been a real visionary to see these blokes changing world history!  

Where do they all belong? Only five of these songs made it to Anthology 1 but if you want context - that's the place to go!

Sidebar - I noticed online that a mint copy (like mine) goes for around $50 now. Nice!

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