Thursday, November 10, 2016

Apple of my eye (Badfinger) (LP 63-64)

Badfinger Straight Up (Vinyl - Apple, 1972) *****
Badfinger Ass (Vinyl, CD - Apple, 1973) ****

Genre: Apple/ Dark Horse Records

Places I remember: Marbecks Records

Fab, and all the other pimply hyperboles: So many wonderful songs on the classic five star Straight Up. Picking one stand out is grossly unfair but Day After Day was my first ever taste of Badfinger power pop on the radio (and Solid Gold Hits) so... Ass' best moment is Pete Ham's heartfelt Apple Of My Eye natch.

Gear costume: Baby Blue, I'd Die Babe (featuring belting Ringo style drumming), Sweet Tuesday Morning (Straight Up); Icicles (Ass).

Active compensatory factors: Straight Up is peak Badfinger on Apple Records. Not that it's clear cut. No Dice is a wonderful record but, for me, the songs/ production/ playing/ harmonies on Straight Up are beyond great!

From the classic Beatle's style cover, to the classic Beatle pop inspired sound, to Beatle George's involvement, Straight Up is all class!

Sadly, though, Ass was the final Badfinger album on their beloved Apple Records. Although patchy (only a few Pete Ham songs), as a band, they got their shot and they took it and their legacy lives on!

Where do they all belong? Leaving Apple, Badfinger were given a home of sorts on Warner Brothers and the greatness (and sadness) was not done yet!

Rest in peace Tom, Mike and Pete.

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