Saturday, October 17, 2015

What a life I lead in the spring (Fleet Foxes) #475

Fleet Foxes Sun Giant/ Drops In The River/ English House/ My Konos/ Innocent Son (Sub Pop, 2008)

This five track EP - called Sun Giant, is a weird one. It actually came out BEFORE the debut album, but was recorded AFTER it.

If you know Fleet Foxes, you'll know what you're in for with the title track: pure harmonic brilliance that sounds like it came by way of a medieval cloister in the 15th century then became morphed by slave work songs and English rose folk singers.

Yes - that's right, like nothing else you've ever heard!

Hidden gem: The ethereal high jinks continue on the B side tracks. Gems abound. Shock horror: Drops In The River almost rocks!

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