Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The feeling took me down (Embrace) #476

Embrace Nature's Law/ Deliver Me/ Collide (Independiente, 2006)

I have a soft spot for Embrace. The vocals (Danny McNamara) and brotherly harmonies are big reasons. I'm a sucker for big gooey group harmonies that are this good.

Embrace tend to specialise in great piano lead ballads and great guitar lead pop. 

Nature's Law is a case in point. Starts off piano ballad and then morphs into guitar pop for the chorus. Not their best song by any stretch but still a cut above the norm. 

BTW - I've got slightly out of alphabetical order here - my CD singles are catalogued with the parent albums and not on their own like the vinyl singles - hence I'm going to miss some along the way and need to catch up from time to time. My bad!

Hidden gem: Guitar pop rules on the B sides. Again - not their best songs but worthy all the same.

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