Sunday, October 25, 2015

I was good, she was hot (The Fratellis) #477

The Fratellis Chelsea Dagger/ Dirty Barry Stole The Bluebird (Fallout, 2006)

I must confess - not my CD single this - instead one a daughter left behind after leaving home. 

Why did I keep it? Probably for the start which is promising - sounds like Queens Of The Stone Age before we get the hook and then the movement into leery lager lads territory.

No denying it's catchiness but it's also kinda forgettable as well. Three minutes after playing it I forget how it goes.

Sadly that QOTSA promise in the bass and guitar riff doesn't have the back up from the lyrics department: I was good, she was hot? Really?

The video is entirely predictable.

Hidden gem: Not this time, sorry.

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