Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sentimental fool (.38 Special) #400

.38 Special Hold On Loosely (edited version)/ Throw Out The Line (A&M, K 8251, 1980)

Good ole wide-eyed southern boys .38 Special, with Donnie Van Zant on guitar/vocals, play a similar brand of southern rock music to Lynyrd Skynyrd (who have featured Donnie's two brothers on vocals - Ronnie who died tragically in that plane crash and Johnny).

This was their first hit and, fun fact, in an act of serendipity it was the 13th video played on MTV's very first broadcast day in 1981.

Why do I own this obscure single from some GOW-ES boys? Listen to those first 10 seconds and then picture me smiling growing to a shit eating grin, air guitar working overtime.

Yes - it's that trio of guitars (from Don Barnes, Jeff Carlisi and Donnie) that does it to me. Doesn't hurt that Barnes' vocals are smooth as molasses on this song.

Hidden gem: The B side - also from the parent album (Wide-Eyed Southern Boys) is another excellent slab of melodic guitar rock from Donnie and the boys.

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