Friday, April 24, 2015

It's such a crazy squeeze (Toy Love) #402

Toy Love Rebel/ Squeeze   (Chrysalis, Z 10015, 1979)

N.Z. music has some wonderful blind alleys. Toy Love are a case in point. Toy Love were Chris Knox and Alec Bathgate's band in between The Enemy and Tall Dwarfs. They lasted barely two years. I didn't like either of those bookends but I could connect with Toy Love.

During my heady Auckland University years I was game for new sounds. Toy Love were pop punk in a good way and seemed to go with Patti Smith, Television and Talking Heads in my imagination.

Rebel was a different kind of N.Z. song in 1979. It was sneery (like punk) but smart and sarcastic as well. That was new.

Hidden gem: In some ways I prefer the B side with it's catchy new wave-isms.

The wacky video of Squeeze is very much of its time and I've included a great live clip from Auckland University's 1980 Orientation week, coz I'm part of the in crowd!

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