Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Rock and roll circus, it's the best I've ever seen (Mick Taylor) #398

Mick Taylor Leather Jacket/ Slow Blues (CBS, BA 222569, 1979)

Mick has many claims to fame - surviving life with Keef in The Rolling Stones is definitely one.

His previous roles, as a Bluesbreaker for John Mayall and as the brilliant guitar replacement for Brian Jones in The Rolling Stones, didn't really translate into a brilliant solo career. Pretty sure there have been only two studio solo albums since leaving the Stones. Mainly he seems to enjoy the sideman role.

This is a pretty cool solo single though. Leather Jacket is catchy and he sings well, as well as playing some tasteful guitar, keyboards and bass guitar!

Hidden gem: I suspect this is where his heart really lies: great slow blues guitar. This is also off that first 1979 solo album called Mick Taylor: an under rated joy!

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