Monday, April 20, 2015

Rough fits in my hush puppy shoes (Pete Townshend) #401

Pete Townshend Rough Boys/ And I Moved   (Atlantic, 45 5425, 1980)

I have no idea what this song is about. Unhelpfully, Pete dedicated it to his children and The Sex Pistols but the lyrics are enigmatic to say the least.

Whatever it's actually about - he's a complicated bloke is our Pete, it's a great slab of Townshend patented guitar rock with a terrific singalong chorus. He knows how to write a classic 3-4 minute single!

I first came across this via music television in NZ. MTV didn't launch here until much later but we did have Radio With Pictures and this clip was clearly a favourite. I'm pretty naive and dense at times so I didn't pick up on the gay references at the time - instead I focused on Pete's/The Who branded aggression.

Hidden gem: If the A side could have easily fitted into The Who music wise (can't see Daltrey singing rough boys, I want to bite and kiss you though, can you?) the B side was foreign territory. It's also off the parent Empty Glass solo album and can only have been chosen because of its stark contrast to Rough Boys.

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