Friday, February 27, 2015

We ran along walking 'cross the roof-tops in my chair (Status Quo) #381 - 382

Status Quo In My Chair/ Gerundula (Pye, 7N-17998, 1970)
Status Quo Paper Plane/ Softer Ride (Vertigo, 6059 071, 1972)

Early Status Quo is like early The Who - they did some amazing singles without setting the world on fire with their albums.

In My Chair was only released as a single, Paper Plane was from the awesome Piledriver album.

Both songs made excellent singles. In fact the Paper Plane single would be right up there in my top ten of non Beatle related singles. 

Back in the seventies I boogied around my bedroom playing air guitar to both it and the B side countless times. That the record still plays on my stereo is a testament to the strength of vinyl!

The lyrics (as quoted in the post title) give you a clue as to the band's strength - the churning riffs from Rossi and Parfitt!

Hidden gems: Softer Ride (not included on Piledriver) completes the awesomeness of that single - a masterclass in groove and riff. 

Gerundula is almost a prototype for the boogie explosion to come (they redid the song for the next album - Dog Of Two Head).

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