Monday, February 23, 2015

No, no, no, no, I can't take it no more (Ringo Starr) #379 - 380

Ringo Starr Only You/ Call Me (Apple, NZP 3488, 1974)
Ringo Starr No No Song/ Call Me (Apple, NZP 3510, 1974)

And so we begin the long slow decline years until the All Starr Band relaunched Ringo as a nostalgia act (and yes, some would argue he started on that path with Sentimental Journey).

The Goodnight Vienna album isn't that bad - it's just not Ringo. Doesn't help that the FABs curated material for Ringo is much reduced (limited to John Lennon's input only) and even that feels a little forced.

BTW, I much prefer John's own party hearty version to Ringo's more laconic delivery, but that's just me.

Anyway - back to these two A sides: Only You is a golden oldie and smacks a little of desperation - a failed attempt to recapture the magic of You're Sixteen.

The No No Song is the kind of novelty number that Ringo can carry off without too many problems, but, being a novelty number, the appeal wears off pretty quickly.

Hidden gems: Call Me is not a gem, hidden or otherwise. Why he uses it twice as B side is like a bad dream, dear.

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