Thursday, February 19, 2015

Eyes that sparkle and shine (Ringo Starr) #377 - 378

Ringo Starr Photograph/ Down And Out (Apple, A 10360, 1973)
Ringo Starr You're Sixteen/ Devil Woman (Apple, A 10430, 1973)

Ringo's solo album career begins (and some might say, ends) with 1973's Ringo album.

It's a great album because the boys were back! 

It's brilliant, of course, because the songs are great, but so is the production, and the support for Ringo's singing. The feel of the album, the vibe if you will, is light, positive and joyful!

What's his name?
These two songs are a great example of that vibe. Especially You're Sixteen which is exactly the right mix of froth and substance.

But Photograph is, for me, Ringo's best moment as a solo starr. There's a Ringo patented poignancy about the song (co-written with George - the only song ever credited as such) that he nails perfectly.

Whenever I've heard the song my thoughts have drifted towards my mother's passing
Now you're expecting me to live without you/ But that's not something that I'm looking forward to.
I listen to it now as also a memorial to John and George, rather than as any kind of love affair break up (which it was really about). 

That ability to universalise the song means perfection in my book.

It gets me in the same way every time. That's a great song!

I haven't even mentioned the playing - which is sublime btw. 

Hidden gems: Devil Woman is an okay song better suited to appearing on the parent album, Down And Out wasn't originally on Ringo but it's been added as a bonus track since.

I'm not that keen on bonus tracks actually (stop me if you've heard this before). They often detract from the original album - in this case Down And Out is a weak song and in no way enhances Ringo.

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