Sunday, February 15, 2015

I had me big plans (Ringo Starr) #374 - 376

Ringo Starr Beaucoups Of Blues/ Coochy - Coochy (Apple, A 9309, 1970)
Ringo Starr It Don't Come Easy/ Early 1970 (Apple, APPLE 9474, 1971)
Ringo Starr Back Off Boogaloo/ Blindman (Apple, R 5944, 1972)

Dear old Ringo! 

Being a Beatles completist can be testing: John Tavener, Harrison's Electronic Sound, some of JohnanYoko (Cambridge '69 tests me), and many of Ringo's 17 studio albums are my biggest hurdles at times.

Those times don't include his time as a FAB, nor the first few singles when he had George helping him out with writing (It Don't Come Easy) or producing, I hasten to add.

With no singles coming from his first solo album made up of schmaltzy standards (the, at times, plain embarrassing Sentimental Journey) it was second album (made up of schmaltzy country songs) Beaucoup of Blues that kick started the chart action. Except it didn't.

I guarantee most think that Ringo's solo career started with It Don't Come Easy or the RINGO album.

If he had, it would have been an epic start. Both IDCE and Back Off Boogaloo were near perfect pop songs - or at least - they were great for 1971 and 1972 respectively. I can easily hear these making a 1972 Beatles album!

There was no parent album so these were on off singles at the time.

Hidden gems: Coochy was left off the original album, although it's been added as a bonus track since. Not sure how much of a bonus it is though.

Early 1970 IS cool though - this self deprecating lovely Ringo postcard to the other FABS has since appeared on compilations.  

Blindman is weird - it's a tie in with the spaghetti western Ringo appeared in around this time. Interesting, but not a gem I'm sorry to report.

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