Thursday, January 30, 2014

I'm driving in my car, I turn on the radio I'm pulling you close, you just say no (Bruce Springsteen) #120

Robert Gordon Fire/ Sea Cruise (Private Stock, PVT 54, 1978)

Springsteen wrote Fire with Elvis Presley in mind (apparently he sent The King a demo at about the time he died) and didn't include the song (for obvious stylistic reasons) on his Darkness On The Edge Of Town album.

Instead he gave it to Robert Gordon who knew a smouldering hit when he heard it (the most commercially successful version belongs to The Pointer Sisters which is also from 1978).

Of all the versions (including The Boss') I prefer Gordon's. The rockabilly pout is perfect for the song - you can easily imagine what Elvis would have done with it. 

Chris Isaak has made a career with this sort of thing but R.G. is the realer deal for me, although I own way more Isaak albums than I do R.G.'s. Mainly because his influences are more solidly gritty early rock'n'roll icons like Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochrane as well as Elvis.

Springsteen, btw, appears on this version - playing keyboards of all things.

Hidden gem: Sea Cruise is a great rock'n'roll song written by pianist Huey "Piano" Smith. The first version of the song was released in 1959 but it's been covered by a huge number of people that range from Status Quo to The Beach Boys. Of course it's great material for bands like Sha Na Na and Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen.

This version is a great driving rockabilly version with legendary guitarist Link Wray again along for the ride.

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