Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Girl, you make me lose my mind (The Four Seasons) #116

The Four Seasons Sherry/ I've Cried Before (Allied International, JAR 453, 1962)

I have a very good memory about my record buying experiences. Even now, if you pull something out of my collection, I can tell you about its circumstances - where I was and where the record came from. 


Except this is one of those rare ones - I have no idea where I got this from, when I got it, or indeed WHY I bought it, if I did. I suspect I got it from a record swap many years ago but why I didn't get rid of it years ago in one of my purges I have no idea.

I don't like the band much, I don't like Frankie Vallie's vocal style much and I own nothing else by them. 

It's a dumb song - apparently it took 15 minutes to write and I can believe it. It was the group's first big hit - going to #1 for quite a few weeks in 1962. 

It was a big deal at the time so yeah. There you go - Sherry - #116 in my singles collection.

Hidden gem: The B side was also written by Bob Gaudio - the band's keyboard player. It's one of those schmaltzy ballads that were popular at the time. The sort of thing you want to have a shower after hearing to rinse the gloppy cheese off. Icky.

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