Thursday, January 2, 2014

Darling, where is your heart (Felicia Sanders) #113

Percy Faith and His Orchestra 1The Song From Moulin Rouge (Where is your heart) 2 Swedish Rhapsody/ 1 Delicado 2 Invitation (Coronet, KEP 146 1953)

Ahem...yes this item exists in my collection and so it merits a place on the countdown but you know this comes from my late father's collection right?

I don't know why he had it. He was a jazz fan (Big Band and Diana Krall style stuff) but he did have a soft spot for this kind of 'easy listening' schmaltz. Still - he only ever had a few singles in his collection so he must have liked this enough to buy it. The A side is certainly well worn so it has had a lot of play, although I never remember hearing it being played when I was growing up.

He may have bought it from Lewis Eady where my future mother worked. It came out in 1953 - dad had just graduated as a pharmacist and he began his career by working at a chemist shop in Queen Street. He would visit Lewis Eady's to buy records and bother Dulcie Adsett - the young record department manager.

Maybe he bought it to try to impress her? Those romantic sweeping strings?

Whatever. It's truly awful stuff to my ears - those strings make me really queasy.  

Hidden gem: actually the B side tracks are marginally better. Delicado was another big hit for Percy. Dad obviously didn't play the B side much though as it's in a much better condition. 

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