Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I can't sing, I ain't pretty and my legs are thin (Fleetwood Mac) #115

Fleetwood Mac Oh Well Pt. 1/ Oh Well Pt. 2 (Reprise, RO 27000, 1969)

An unusual single this one for Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac. It was deliberately written by Green as a two part song/single - the album version came later (for their Then Play On album) and simply edited the two parts together.

Part one is the knock out wailing electric blues guitar/ cowbell part and the flip side is the meditative instrumental coda (Eric Clapton was certainly paying attention - Layla uses the same conceit).

I couldn't believe how insanely good this song was when I finally caught up with it in the late seventies. 

The guitar work by Peter Green and the weird structure of the song are entirely original. It's inspired playing from everyone concerned and a real peak for the band.

Hidden gem: The second part is continued from the A side and is like music from another planet. As wildly abandoned as the guitar is on part 1, part 2 is controlled and contemplative. It's deeply evocative of Peter Green's feel for the music that comes from a softer world. Again - it's utterly original. 

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