Saturday, November 16, 2013

To freak out or to be beautiful? (The Doors) #100 and 101 (of about 300 singles)

The Doors Love Her Madly/ (You Need Meat) Don't Go No Further  (Elektra, EKM 45726, 1971)

The Doors Wishful Sinful/ Who Scared You  (Elektra, EK 45656, 1969)

Two contrasting singles from The (mighty) Doors (Of Perception) kick off the next hundred singles in my collection.

Love Her Madly is a terrific pop song. They could write nifty singles when they wanted to. Even though the lyrics are very basic, they are on the top of their game here.

Wishful Sinful is NOT a terrific pop song. I'm not exactly sure what they were attempting with this song. It's not rock and roll, there's no bluesy Doors sound going on here and it's not pop. A bizarre choice for a single. Sure enough it bombed!

Hidden gems: The two B sides are reasonably rare in the Doors discography in that they are two of only three B sides that did NOT appear on their current albums (I'm sure they've appeared on compilations since and what with the interweb/ Spotify/ Amazon/ itube etc they are no longer rare songs - a good AND a bad thing in my humble).

You Need Meat is a cover of a Willie Dixon song and is an okay version - you can't improve on Willie though so...

Who Scared You is a Morrison/Krieger song that didn't make the cut for The Soft Parade. Oh dear - not their best album is it? Who Scared You is actually a pretty choice cut and is much better than a lot of the stuff on the album. Some nice organ from Ray, some tasteful brass parts and a sinewy little riff propel the song forward. Unfortunately it's not a great vocal performance from Jim so that was that - it made a B side.

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