Thursday, November 28, 2013

Grab your mates and head for the beach (The Dressing Gowns) #104

Dressing Gowns Surfing At Piha/ Eatin Bananas In The Bahamas (CBS, BA 461 977, 1981)

Okay, this one is REALLY odd.

I bought this while working at Marbecks because it was a laugh and Roger and I loved it!

He was (still is) a surfer dude, I was (still am) not!

The CBS rep loved this so he pushed it which is how Rog and I heard it. I think we both liked the simplicity and the amateur, almost punkish/low-fi style which was pretty refreshing in 1981.

I have no idea who The Dressing Gowns were (or are now), and this is one time Google has not been able to help. I did find a link to someone selling a copy on Trade me - $2.50 + postage. So not a rare goldmine item either then!

Any edge the song had in 1981 has pretty much gone after over thirty years but it's still a nifty little ditty.

Hidden gem: The B side is a slower attempt at a novelty song and doesn't work.

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