Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sha la, la, la, la, la, la (Derek) #98

Derek Cinnamon/ This Is My Story (Stateside, MSS 2218, 1968)

As far as I can work out, Derek was actually Scottish singer/songwriter/record producer Johnny Cymbal (real name John Blair). Johnny was responsible for a few hits in the bubble-gum pop genre - notably Mr Bass Man.

As was the fashion in bubble-gum circles, Johnny chose to record under different pseudonyms using fictitious 'group' names, or, as was the case here with Cinnamon, using his brother Derek's name.  Weird!

I love a lot of the disposable bubble-gum stuff. Cinnamon has a craziness that is very infectious. Pop should be fun at heart and Johnny knew the formula, with girly chorus oooohhhss, nonsensical sha la la las and, of course, snigger snigger, the double entendre lyrics.

Hidden gem: An emphatic NO!! The B side is utter rubbish (and not in a good way) - a slow croon without any of the infectiousness that oozes from the A side. Really disposable!

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