Sunday, December 1, 2013

I'm gonna get some concrete mix and fill your back door up with bricks (Dr. Feelgood) #105, 106

Dr. Feelgood Roxette/ Keep It Out Of Sight (United Artists Records, K 6601, 1976)

Dr. Feelgood See You Later Alligator/ I Love You So You're Mine (Stiff, K 193, 1986)

Ten years separates these singles and it shows. While the live version of Roxette from Stupidity still blazes a trail, See You Later sounds like a pale imitation of the band.

The difference is personnel. The only original member on the '86 version is Lee Brilleaux. The band sound is completely different without Wilco Johnson's idiosyncratic guitar style. Gone is the original raw R'n'B sound!

I have a soft spot for the original band; I lived in Leigh-On-Sea and taught students from Canvey Island at King John School in Benfleet, and knowing the area helps.

Canvey is such a weird place - anyone coming from there (Wilco was born on Canvey Island and the band started life there) is going to be touched by the tough environment. It was a pretty dire place when I lived in Essex in the early 2000's so I can only imagine how rough it was in the early seventies.

Sadly Lee died at an early age from cancer and Wilco is on his way out - having refused treatment for his cancer. A great story about him appeared in Mojo recently.

Hidden gems: Keep It Out Of Sight is great - a gritty song from one of the studio albums (Down By The Jetty). All muscle guitar from Wilco and attitude from Lee. What a combination. It's the real deal - they mean it man!

I Love You blah blah is complete garbage. Hard to know why they thought this was a good idea - maybe they didn't care!

Anyway - forget that - remember them this way:


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