Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What is that thing on my radio? (Sonny Curtis) # 94

Sonny Curtis A Beatle I Want To BeSo Used To Loving You (Colpix Records, D 1024, 1964)

This is a really weird one.

Sonny (his real name) is not a name everyone knows but rock fans know his songs and viewers of the Mary Tyler Moore Show (my dad's favourite) know his theme song Love Is All Around. And fans of Buddy Holly know he was a friend and a band mate at one time and that he joined The Crickets after Buddy Holly's tragic death.

Yes Sonny is responsible for writing the wonderful I Fought The Law (I love the Clash version as well as Bobby Fuller's) and other hits like Walk Right Back (a hit for the Everlys).

In 1964 he put out this effort - an early cash in on the Beatle invasion. I'm sure Holly fans John Lennon and Paul McCartney knew of Sonny's links to their hero. Nice that Sonny could get in on the act in this way.

It's a fun little ditty - jaunty and good humoured and not too patronising. Given it was 1964 Sonny can be safely called a pioneer as well as bandwagon hopper.

Hidden gem: The B side is a cross over pop country weepie (Curtis was to have an increasing career in the country charts) which has nothing very wonderful about it.

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