Monday, October 14, 2013

It's not far to never-never land (Christopher Cross) # 93

Christopher Cross SailingPoor Shirley (Warner Bros, WBS 49507, 1980)

Do you remember Chris Cross (not his real name obviously - no parent is that cruel)? He was huge back in the day - basically December 1979 to 1981, and basically one album (his first) did all the business. After that it was all downhill and nothing he released subsequently did anywhere near the volume that the debut did.

Sailing is a track off that mega seller and  it is very representative of the glossy LA session sound that exists on that album.

Here is a partial list of the crème de la crème musicians who feature on the album:
  • Larry Carlton - guitar
  • Valerie Carter - vocals, background vocals
  • Christopher Cross - guitar, vocals 
  • Chuck Findley - trumpet
  • Don Henley - vocals, background vocals
  • Jim Horn - saxophone
  • Nicolette Larson - vocals, background vocals
  • Michael McDonald - vocals, background vocals
  • Michael Omartian - synthesizer, keyboards, vocals, background vocals
  • J.D. Souther - vocals, background vocals

  • Slick and glossy all the way.

    How an unknown could gather all of those stars behind him is beyond me.

    Hidden gem: The B side is another track from the debut. It's a bit forgettable. I had to play the B side to remember the toon. So not hidden or even a gem then.

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