Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Is she really going out with him? (The Damned) #96

The Damned New Rose/ Help (Skydog Records, DAM 001, 1976)

This was the first single issued in the UK by The Damned and also the first punk single as well - before The Sex Pistols could get their act together with Anarchy In The UK.

My copy came from France - I ordered it from a UK mail order company in 1977 and it duly arrived. I was certainly not a punk in any way shape or form but I responded to the energy I was reading about in Sounds magazine at the time and fired off my order.

It's a great single - the A side is a perfect do-it-yourself stab at guitar based rock and roll noise. What I also love about it is that it's a love song - not a song about hate and anarchy and boredom.

Hidden gem: The B side is actually why I bought the single in the first place. The lure of a punk band doing a Beatle cover must have appealed to John Lennon as well. I'm sure he would have loved this version. His original cry from the heart is embellished by The Damned's breakneck pace. Their version lasts for 1 minute and change and feels shorter!

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