Saturday, October 26, 2013

August wastrels (Dance Exponents) #95

Dance Exponents If Only I Could Die (And Love You Still)Worldwide Wireless (Zulu Records, Z 003, 1986)

Before they were The Exponents they were The Dance Exponents. In NZ, they were a great singles band with hit after hit, starting with the wonderful Victoria.

Those early hits were for, the most part, rooted in the prevalent eighties sound though. Things changed with this single (it's the only one I own - as the boys morphed into an album band with Something Beginning With C).

If Only... is a proper rock song and a great slice of energy. I was immediately won over by the video at the time. Jordan Luck has great presence as a front man, as well as being a great lead vocal, and the band strike all the right rock poses.

Hidden gem: The B side appeared, like the A side, as a track on their Amplifier album. It's nothing special in the Dance Exponents universe, although it's instantly recognisable as their sound. It's a B side sure, and an okay album track.

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