Friday, September 13, 2013

I'm still thinking about all the things she never said (The Church) # 82 and 83

The Church Tear It All AwayShe Never Said (Stunn BFA 022,  1981)

The Church You're Still Beautiful/ Hunter 
(Mushroom K 10121,  1990)

It was the video to The Unguarded Moment (also from the debut album Of Skins And Heart) that alerted me to the band in the first instance so here it is (followed by the A side under examination).

I love that sepia wash/ blissed out/ paisley look. The sound is great too - classic jangly pop. Right up my street! So collecting The Church became a new craze for me back in the eighties, never mind that they were a bunch of Bruce's from Aussie.

A quick check in my record collection tells me that I lost interest after Starfish in 1988. So the second single was bought much later from a throw bin somewhere or other.

Hidden gems: I love She Never Said - it's very much of the time - all new romantic pout and guitar driven psychedelic psounds. I'm also a sucker for false stops and starts. Hunter is a rare track - it didn't appear on the parent album - the lacklustre Gold Afternoon Fix, and it's fine as far as it goes - guitar driven pop but not very memorable. It's a 'clearly a left over track from the album' scenario.

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