Monday, September 2, 2013

I set to sea on a ship called Emptiness (Eric Carmen) # 79

Eric Carmen She Did It/ Someday (Arista BL 345,  1977)

Eric had it all and he gave it all away.

The ecstasy he created in The Raspberries flamed out over a series of solo albums that produced diminishing returns. The Raspberries were a fantastic group - with Eric the Pete Ham/John Lennon of the band: rhythm guitar, great singer, great songwriter.

The eighties were not kind to him and although, yes, he had a couple of hits (Hungry Eyes from Dirty Dancing anyone?) the output and the quality dipped and then dwindled. Today he's pretty much retired and living off his royalties.

But in 1977 he still had it! Oh boy did he!

She Did It is a cool little song from the mostly excellent The Boats Against The Current album.

Hidden gem: The B side was left off Boats Against The Current but appeared on his next album, the patchy Change Of Heart. The decision pretty much shows what I mean about diminishing returns. Someday is good but not great, makes a great B side and is a worthy song but it wasn't considered strong enough to make BATC. Nuff said, I rest my case your honour. 


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