Sunday, September 29, 2013

With the way you look i understand that you are not impressed (Elvis Costello) # 90

Elvis Costello 1 Accidents Will Happen 2 AlisonWatching the Detectives (Radar, SAM 90, 1978)

This is a weird one - live versions of these three Elvis classics recorded at Hollywood High School of all places.

For a while there I was, once again, going to blame WEA NZ for their hilarious incompetence with 'accidents' misspelled on the sleeve as 'adcicents' (bottom right), but the sleeve seems to have been designed that way on purpose. Geddit? Accidents will happen. What a jolly jape eh.

I must confess I am not much of an Elvis fan. I only have two of his albums - Armed Forces was given to me by a co-worker at Marbecks and I bought Spike because of the Macca connection, being as it was a kind of companion album to Macca's wonderful Flowers In The Dirt.

This single was included with the Armed Forces album. No idea why. The album is a strong one with Oliver's Army being a great song.

He's a good song writer, of that there is no doubt - these three songs are all fantastic songs. I'm not that impressed with the solo piano version of Accidents but Alison is a hard song to muck up and Elvis does a pretty good version here (sadly couldn't find it on youtube though).

So why haven't I bought more of his stuff? The adcicents thing sums it up. He's a smart arse! Too clever by half! I just do not warm to him. There it is. A peculiar, non scientific bias.

Hidden gem: The weirdness continues as the A side features two songs but the B side only has one.


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