Saturday, June 8, 2013

Did I hear you say that there must be a catch? (Badfinger) ;#4 of 300 singles

Badfinger Come and Get It/ Rock Of All Ages (Apple, Apple 20 1969)

I love Badfinger. I love everything about them - but I especially love Pete Ham's songwriting and voice, the Beatles connection via Apple, and their love of Apple (Apple Of My Eye will be coming up in this count down).

However, this single contains very little of Pete Ham's input as it is pretty much a Paul McCartney solo single (the A side sounds identical to his demo as we can hear on Anthology 3; they even clock in with the same time) and the B side is a co-write with fellow Badfingers. We'll have to wait until the next post to sample his particular genius.

Still it was my first taste of Apple back in the day. I bought the first Badfinger album Magic Christian Music from Marbecks in the Queen's Arcade and Come and Get It is track one side one.

Hidden gem: Rock of All Ages is a pretty good rocker but it's on the album so not so much a hidden gem as a different look.

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