Monday, June 3, 2013

The sheriff said, "Hey, are you Billy Thorpe?", in a really deep voice. (The Aztecs) #3 of 300 singles

The Aztecs Most People I Know (Think That I'm Crazy)/ Regulation 3 Pufff (Havoc H 1012, 1972)

Billy Thorpe was an original rocker bless him. Although he passed away in 2007 he has a solid couple of big footprints in Aussie Rock History.  As I said - he was one of the big Aussie rock and rollers in the sixties but I only know him for his hard rock hirsute version of The Aztecs in the early seventies.

Aztecs Live! At Sunbury from 1972 is a classic double live album. It REALLY rocks and includes a seven plus minute wig out on their then current single Most People I Know Think That I'm Crazy.

I used to buy GoSet magazine in the early seventies. It was like an Australian version of Sounds and had good articles on Aussie bands and the glam acts from overseas.  So I was able to keep up with the news on Sunbury festivals (Australia's Woodstock) and all of the popular Aussie bands like The Aztecs.

I became aware of the Most People I Know single via the charts printed in GoSet. It peaked in the Australian Top 40 Singles Chart at number 3 in May 1972.

Hidden gem - the B side (yes 'Pufff' really has three f's, at least it does on my version) is a nifty piece of jazz rock fusion. It's an instrumental and largely a vehicle for some horn players to show their chops. Nice.

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