Sunday, June 23, 2013

For you now my heart goes out (Badfinger)

Badfinger Love Is Easy/ My Heart Goes Out  (Warner Brothers, B 16323 1973)

The eagle eyed will note that the last Badfinger single on Apple records (featured in my last posting) came out in 1974 but they had moved to Warner Brothers before Apple issued Apple Of My Eye, so this song, issued as a single prior to their first Warners Bros album (called Badfinger), came out in 1973.

Life at Warners was not peachy keen for the band. As a fatal consequence Pete Ham ultimately committed suicide.

The actual Badfinger album is okayish but not a patch on their Apple albums or their final album as original Badfinger - the wonderful Wish You Were Here.

This single is pretty dire though. the A side is sluggish and dull with a terrible mix. It probably goes without saying that it failed to chart. Neither side is by Pete Ham, but the B side is a...

Hidden Gem: It's sweet song written by Mike Gibbons, the drummer! That was the thing with Badfinger - everybody wrote songs but they became recognisably Badfinger songs. This one was included on the album so no rarity value but it is a worthy album track all the same.

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