Sunday, May 6, 2012

My wave length (Patti Smith)

The Patti Smith hold is still pretty tight. I am now reunited with my records and books and so a Patti-a-thon was a natural place to go.

Wave is maybe the forgotten child in the canon but for me it's a joy from start to finish. The affect it has on me is very similar to Jefferson Starship's Earth album. They make me feel great.

Frederick immediately puts a smile on my face with its bouncy pop-a-rama. It was released as a single, at the time, backed by a weird version of Fire Of Unknown Origin.

Fire... started out as a poem in her Seventh Heaven Collection:
A fire of unknown origin
took my baby away
swept her up and off
my wave length
swallowed her up like the ocean
in a fire thick and grey.
Blue Oyster Cult took the lyrics (but nothing from Patti's B side song) and ran with it on their album of the same name. They know quality when they see it.

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