Sunday, April 29, 2012

Soft drivin', slow and mad, like some new language (The Doors)

A.R.T. is coming along well. Painting is all finished and the furniture is arranged; sound systems all connected and Beatle decorations nearly complete.

Pretty cool huh. Just need some carpet and the gear to arrive from the sandpit (cross trainer, TV, DVD player, CDs, books, DVDs) and it will be complete.

Freshest vinyl to get an outing: Guess Who's American Woman (from the Canadian Pop/Rock section).

This is a great album that I picked up from Marbeck's Records when working there in the early 1980s. Roger had begun getting a lot of imports from America (especially RCA stuff) and they were all put underneath the Queen's Arcade Classics store. Yes underneath!! It was a big area but with really low head room so you had to bend over and kind of crawl around the record racks to sort them out and bring fresh stock up to the store. I loved going down there and fossocking around.

The American Woman album is a classic. The first (and last) track is the awesome title song but it also has No Time, Talisman and No Sugar Tonight on the first side!!!

Side two has less well known material but this was obviously a period of great quality for the band and I love the variety of the songs over the second side: the bluesy instrumental 969 (The Oldest Man) that comes complete with a flute solo, the light as air pop of When Friends Fall Out, the Who like 8.15 (was Pete listening?), proto Led Zep stomp of Proper Stranger, the heavy blues wig out that is Humpty's Blues and then the return of the title song.

My favourite song on the set is No Time.

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