Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Ain't wastin' time no more (The Allman Brothers Band) (LP 111)

The Allman Brothers Band Eat A Peach (CD and double vinyl - Capricorn, 1972) *****

Genre: American pop/ rock

Places I remember: RCA record club catalogue/ Real Groovy/ The Warehouse Hastings.

Fab, and all the other pimply hyperboles: Blue Sky (5 plus minutes of blue sky brilliance from Dickey Betts and Duane Allman; first solo is Allman's, then Betts).

Gear costume: Mountain Jam

Active compensatory factors: This album had such an aura around it as I was growing up. First awareness of it came in a record catalogue and it was clearly different from a Hollies/ Merseybeat/ Bubblegum pop context.

This was grown up music. A double album. With ONE song spread over two sides. A picture on the cover of a truck with a giant peach. Wowsers. 

I had to wait a while, until I was more grown up, before I could appreciate its richness.

Compared to their previous albums, the interesting thing about Eat A Peach is the breadth of material from acoustic to pastoral to progressive to creative improv jam to southern boogie. All masterfully executed.

It's a peak - not only for the band, but for American music. Full stop.

Where do they all belong? This was the last of the Duane Allman influenced Allman Brothers Band albums, next up was the equally classic Brothers and Sisters album.

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  1. Found this album amongst the record collection! Will have to dust off & put on the old turn table. Jo McD.