Thursday, May 4, 2017

King of emotion (LP 106 - 107)

Big Country Peace In Our Time (CD - Phonogram, 1988) *** 
Big Country The Buffalo Skinners (CD - Chrysalis, 1993) ***

Genre: Scottish pop/rock

Places I remember: Real Groovy (Auckland)

Fab, and all the other pimply hyperboles: Broken Heart (Thirteen Valleys)

Gear costume: Peace In Our Time.

Active compensatory factors: Mid period studio albums by Big Country can be tricky wee beasties at times. 

These two albums bookended their No Place Like Home album, which doesn't appear here because I didn't like it  much- production especially was very thin and un Big Country like, so I flicked it off.

Peace In Our Time has some cracking songs as mentioned above, so too does The Buffalo Skinners but they also contain too many lesser moments. And those late eighties production values, where the bagpipe sound is replaced by more mainstream rock guitars, don't do the band too many favours.

Where do they all belong? Big Country released further studio albums, both with and (sadly) without Stuart Adamson, but for me - the studio journey was ended with The Buffalo Skinners. Live albums! Now - that's another thing entirely as we'll see in time.

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