Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Feeling a moment (Feeder) (LP 81)

Feeder Pushing The Senses (CD - Echo Label, 2005) ***

Genre: Welsh pop/rock

Places I remember: Samantha left the CD behind after moving out of the family home.

Fab, and all the other pimply hyperboles: Bitter Glass

Gear costume: Tumble and Fall

Active compensatory factors: For me, Feeder have something of an identity crisis. I don't know any of the members, or anything about their history, and their music is kinda good but non distinct - in that they sound similar to loads of other bands.

So why do I hang on to this CD? Well partly because it's my daughter's CD, partly because I hate to throw music away and partly because Pushing The Senses has some naggingly good songs, inspired in part, as it is, by John Lennon!

The more I listen the more I like it, except I play Embrace and Coldplay a lot more. Problem.

Where do they all belong? Alongside Coldplay and Keane but more rocky with it.

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