Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Come on in (The Blues Band) (LP 40)

The Blues Band Official Blues Band Bootleg (Vinyl - Arista, 1980) ****

Genre: Blues

Places I remember: Marbecks Records. The EMI rep came in to the shop raving about this, played it to me and Roger and we instantly went, "Oh Yeah, baby!"

Fab, and all the other pimply hyperboles: Talk To Me Baby kicks us off and Diddy Wah Diddy finishes us off brilliantly.

Gear costume: Come On In, Flatfoot Sam, Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights).

Active compensatory factors: In 1980, we needed The Blues Band.

Band members had a terrific pedigree that took in Manfred Mann (Paul Jones, former lead vocalist and harmonica player/ Gary Fletcher on bass/ guitarist Tom McGuinness); Howlin Wolf and John Lee Hooker (slide guitarist Dave Kelly). Drummer Hughie Flint (yes, of McGuinness Flint fame) completed the line up. 

They were fun! Their songs were well chosen, they were brilliant musicians and this album had a rough and raw vibe. Hence the bootleg tag.

Given the eighties production blight about to descend on the music world, this was a very great thing.

This was their debut album. For me, it's their best moment! Paul Jones is in great form and Kelly's slide guitar in particular is a thing of beauty. Yes - beauty!

Where do they all belong? I always link this to Nu Zild's great Headband with Tommy Adderley being the Paul Jones figure. That first Headband album is sublime!!

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