Saturday, June 25, 2016

Upful and right (Big Mountain) (LP 15)

Big Mountain  Unity (CD - Giant Records, 1994) ****

Genre:  Reggae

Places I remember: Kings Recording record store in Abu Dhabi, 2011. I liked the cover and took a punt. Turned out to be a winner.

Fab, and all the other pimply hyperboles: Baby, I Love Your Way was a natural single. It's a great song and lead singer 
Joaquin "Quino" (pronounced Kino) McWhinney's voice is perfect for it.

Gear costume: Fruitful Days is an excellent lead off song for the album - full of good vibes! Other songs like Young Revolutionaries are also full of joyful spirit.  

Active compensatory factors:
Sunshine days and reggae grooves go together hand in glove.

These American guys are at the pop end of the reggae interface and so they perfectly fit my sensibilities. The big hit was their version of Peter Frampton's Baby, I Love Your Way, but the rest of the album has many fine smiley moments.

Where do they all belong? Being American, they sound more like a New Zealand reggae outfit than Jamaican if you know what I mean so seek out Pacifika outfits like Herbs or Fat Freddy's Drop.

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