Thursday, February 25, 2016

You're just a puppet right? (Shihad) #520

Shihad All The Young Fascists/ My Heart/ Heavy Metal From Early On  (WEA Records, 2005)

For some reason Shihad has never featured on my radar. This single is another one of those left behind when the kids left home.

This is a tad unusual as I love a lot of NZ music and I definitely (or defiantly as the kids misspell it) love hard rock: as in amped up guitars, pounding drums and a wailing vocalist. All of which Shihad have in spades.

The band have been at it since 1988 and have a big audience in NZ but a listen to this single from their album Love Is the New Hate does not move me particularly. And now I think I know why.

I was never big on the Metallica/ Megadeth brand of metal which inspired Shihad back in the eighties. I have the black album and that's all from those two bands.

At the time these bands were big we were living in Nelson and our neighbour's teenage son was a huge fan. I was of another generation and although I tried, I just couldn't muster the same enthusiasm.

Each generation has it's own music and Metallica/ Megadeth/ Shihad is just not mine.

Hidden gems: Unsurprisingly it is Heavy Metal From Early On that I really like - it's grungy old skool style metal is much more to my taste.


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