Sunday, February 21, 2016

I leave the mundane behind (Saint Jude's Infirmary) #519

Saint Jude's Infirmary The Church Of John Coltrane/ TB Eyes/ Ostrich/ Jacob's Ladder  (SL Records, 2005)

Saint Jude's Infirmary is a band from Scotland. Edinburgh to be more precise.

I bought this CD single from a snazzy record shop just off the golden mile in Edinburgh in 2005.

I'm always keen to buy local talent when I hit town, whether it be Bangkok, Wuxi, Al Ain, Edinburgh...wherever. I like the idea of sampling the local culture.

The Church Of John Coltrane was a punt at the time; I was trading on the idea that referencing Coltrane was a pretty cool thing to do.

I lucked out - it's a terrific song. The female singer is terrific and the bloke who does the spoken word section is the dog's bollocks.

Hidden gem: TB Eyes is a lovely rumination with light instrumentation (that's probably how a proper rock critic would describe it). Hints of Patti Smith intensity here and there only endear it to me more.

The other tracks aren't quite as spectacular but they are still interesting, different and way beyond 'mundane'.

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